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Welcome to Omni Christian Counseling
           Is your life or relationship in a negative place ?  God can restore what has been lost !

With God all things are possible. We help you work through emotional problems, so you can have the life He
has for you!

Is your marriage on the brink of failure ? We can help open the lines of communication and help restore what has been lost.

We treat you with respect and dignity as we help put things back together. We help you move through healthy ways of communication and new tools to move in a positive direction.

So if you have tried everything and you are ready to live the life you have always wanted , call us today !

You have nothing to lose !

We work with individuals, couples and families

We have seen many lives restored to a happy and healthy life.

                                                          * * All donations are tax deductible * *
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                                Together we can make a difference, I see changed lives every day !,
  Low cost Counseling, High success                                               To see the SESSION COST go to Contact Us